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    GetDerivedBom or Named bom issue



      I am having an issue with extracting a named/derived bom. As you it returns an array and in reverse order. So we have to do array.Reverse() in order to get the named bom in correct order. I developed a small addin for a customer and on his machine i dont have to do this array.Reverse(). Bu when i run the same thing on my machine i have to do it. Anybody know why the API is acting in 2 different ways in 2 different machines. I am running windows XP serverice pack 2 32 bit where as the customer is running windows XP 64bit service pack 3.


      Your help is greatly appreciated.


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          I just checked the BOM example I made on two different machines. One is Win7 x64 and the other is Win2k3 SP2 x86. Both are returning the rows in the same order. However, it doesn't look like Array.Reverse() is required anymore as the BOM is returned in the correct order now. I am not sure when that changed, but it looks like it has. When I originally made that example, the BOM rows were returned in the reverse order of what is shown in the Explorer BOM tab. Now, it's correct. I looked in the knowledgebase for something about it but I didn't find anything. Odd.


          Anyway, are you and your client running the same service pack?