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How to deploy a EPDM .NET Addin

Question asked by 1-AWIBQU on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by Nazeer Yusuff



I created an addin for EPDM and now i am having hard time deploying it. Inside the addin dll i have a windows from and it contains some 3rd party .NET controls. I am using infragistics controls inside that form. We i compile the DLL there are some additional dll files that get created for those controls. When i install the addin on the EPDM server and go to PDM administration and add the addin the addin works fine on server, but when a client machine tries to run the addin it always gives me the error saying that it cannot find this 3rd party dll. I tried to copy those dll files the folder where EPDM store the addin on client machine but so far no luck.


Any body know how to solve this one?