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Can Solidworks "ScanTo3D" import a volume model?

Question asked by Kevin De Smet on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2009 by Kevin De Smet

We have Solidworks Professional at the office and we might be in need to model out a mould for a customer. They work in 2D and possess the skills to make the physical mould itself and they want a 3d model of one of them to perform fluid simulations on it to compare the real-life to the simulations.


Conventional triangle based light scanners couldn't get in the holes and stuff of the mould and capture the intricasies. But I've been thinking about the possibility of using an MRI/CT scan to get a volume model of the mould. If I believe correctly, those scans work on anything with an atomic structure and not just living tissue and bones.

Can Solidworks Premium with "ScanTo3D" import volume model formats directly?

If not, I guess any system that produces the volume model can export a triangulated or even auto-surfaced model out?

And, would a volume model after auto-surfacing be to complex for a computational fluids simulation? If so, can they be easily simplified?