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EPDM 2010 Tasks

Question asked by Michael Kress on Nov 3, 2009

I am very pleased to see the addition of tasks to the 2010 release of EPDM, but I'm having some issues with the implementation of them (or my understanding of them).


My end goal:

While a document is progressing through a workflow, I would like to save a PDF of the file at certain stages after the variables have updated.  I would like all of the tasks to be fufilled on the machine that host all of our PDM tasks.  I would like the tasks to be processed in "real" time, not just once a day.


Where I'm at:

Everything is working fine, provided I'm logged into the vault view on the server.  Once I log out, all the tasks become queued up until I log back into the vault view on the server.


Do I need to start the vault view as a service somehow?  Or is there a way to generate an event, and have windows scheduler looking for that event and launch the vault view?  Or did I completely miss something obvious?


Another question, I'm assuming that these tasks would steal a EPDM licence as well as a SW licence?  If so, these might be two good reasons to only allow the tasks to be done once a day.