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Mouse movement uses 50% CPU in SW2009

Question asked by Patrick Batten on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by John Sutherland

I'm using SW2009 SP4.0, core2 6700@2.66GHz, 3.25GB RAM, XP SP3.

When I move my mouse over open windows screen or another app, like Google Chrome, the CPU is 2-3%.  When I move the mouse over SW it is up to 50-60%.  Also, I get a warning that I am low on system resources and I should close applications and restart SW.  This is with a small assembly, ~20 parts.  I used to load assemblies with hundreds of parts in 2008 without this problem.  Is 2009 a resource hog?  I rebooted and I still have the same problem.  My colleague is having the same problems.