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Registry/Rx Documentation?

Discussion created by Garrett Brooks on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by Kieran Choy


Yesterday one of our users’s moved their Measure Dialog Box from one screen to the other and it disappeared and would not pop up on the screen. In my experience when reporting unexplainable problems like this to the VAR they suggest send in the Rx or just renaming or deleting the registry which removes all of the user’s customizations but this engineer needs to work not spending all day fixing all the customizations they made to a newly installed version. To make a long story short I verified that renaming the users SolidWorks registry entry would fix the problem and then actually found the registry entry that set the Measure Dialog Box position on the screen and changed it so the box would pop up on the screen and the user did not have to redo all of the customization that they did not have a backup of. The entire time I was thinking of something Matt said on his blog the other day “if someone else can troubleshoot it, why can’t I?”

The point of my babbling is how can I get more documentation for the registry and the ability to get more technical information out of the Rx so I can diagnose more and solve more problems myself? So when I call the VAR I can say “this is what I found and this is where it crashes” instead of just “it’s broken”.