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    How to change RELATIVE size (graphic to text) of custom symbols in Gtol?

      I've been successful in creating various Custom Symbols, such as special Flag Notes, via modification of the "Gtol" file.  However, due to the way SWX autoscales the graphics to the text, there are problems with simple "boxes" that are too "cramped" for the text inside ... and changing the size of the graphic, of course, produces only the SAME result.  The absolute size (of both text and graphic) can be changed, as you know, by prefacing the custom character with a font size specifier.  But I'm looking for a "trick" that will widen-up the space between the text and graphic element ... so there needs to be a way to effectively defeat the scaling of the graphic to the text (ie, change the RELATIVE sizes of the two items). TIA.

      C. Schell   11/02/09

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          Matthew Lorono
          I don't know how to get it to be relative, but you can play with the symbol to get it to be in an offset position.  However, it sounds like you may be reinvent the horse.   There are flag notes in SolidWorks since like 2004 or something.  Also, 2010 will allow borders within notes, pretty much obsoleting all previous methods of adding flags to notes in SolidWorks.
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              Hi, Matt ...

              Thanks Much for your Reply!  Unfortunately, SWX2010 is not an option ... as SWX2008 will be the version of choice until the project is over.  I'm familiar with all the various Flag Notes that exist in the Standard "Gtol" file (dated 3/23/2004).  But you are probably right about "reinventing the horse" ... there's almost NO doubt that someone has created Custom Symbols (NOT in the Standard Gtol) that would serve my purpose ... but I'll likely never find them.  But, as a matter of principle (if nothing else), I would like to find a general PROCESS that will allow me to generate new Custom Symbols that do NOT display the problem that I've described (the Symbol Graphic and Symbol Text interferring with each other).  To make clear what I'm talking about, please take a look at the attached JPEG, which shows the text of "K1" and "Q1" being far too close to the top & bottom lines of the Graphic element.  I have placed some Discussion text on the JPEG ... so please refer to that.  Basically, it seems to me that the "problem" does not occur when the text that goes inside the Graphic is all numeric or is all alpha.  The problem, it seems to me, arises when one MIXES alpha and numeric characters.  Since SolidWorks scales the Graphic to the text, it seems that maybe it's the ascenders and descenders of the mixed text that creates the "too tight fit".  My present "work-around" is to make the top & bottom lines of the Boxes convex-enough (using Arcs) to create some "white space" between the text and graphic ... though I'd prefer to not have to change the shape of the Boxes from the basic Rectangles.  I'm open to any other ideas about either: a process that resolves the problem, or maybe sources of Custom Symbols that can be adapted to the "K1"-type of mixed text.

              -- C. Schell   11/02/09