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How to change RELATIVE size (graphic to text) of custom symbols in Gtol?

Question asked by 1-N221LC on Nov 2, 2009
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I've been successful in creating various Custom Symbols, such as special Flag Notes, via modification of the "Gtol" file.  However, due to the way SWX autoscales the graphics to the text, there are problems with simple "boxes" that are too "cramped" for the text inside ... and changing the size of the graphic, of course, produces only the SAME result.  The absolute size (of both text and graphic) can be changed, as you know, by prefacing the custom character with a font size specifier.  But I'm looking for a "trick" that will widen-up the space between the text and graphic element ... so there needs to be a way to effectively defeat the scaling of the graphic to the text (ie, change the RELATIVE sizes of the two items). TIA.

C. Schell   11/02/09