Need help moving files to new folders

Discussion created by Guest on Jun 13, 2006
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I don’t do much file moving so I can’t say this is the easiest way, but I think it should work.

Make two new folders, one for assemblies and one for drawings.
You can leave the parts in the current folder. There are probably more part files, and the other two file types reference these files.

Use SW Explorer, browse to the first drawing. RMB, copy, in the TO: line change the folder to the new folder (make sure it doesn’t add a suffix).
Do the same thing for each drawing and assembly file.
You can then delete the drawings and assemblies from the original folder (the new parts folder).

When you open the drawings and assemblies it will reference the parts in the original location. I don’t know how it will handle subassemblies. I also won’t guarantee that the assemblies will be all correct, those references have a way of not changing.

If you have other files in the original folder they will be mixed in with the parts. You will probably want to copy these parts out. You do not want to copy the original folder into the new parts folder first, the refernces will go back to the original folder not the copy.