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Question asked by Richard Hall on Nov 2, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2009 by Amit Chen

Here we go again.  Possibly another silly question due to inexperience with EPDM, but here goes.

We have a revision scheme controlled by EPDM and workflows.  00,01,02 etc. on approval, the revision gets incremented by 1.  this is linked to the "Revision" custom property in the drawing format

I have a revision table inserted in the drawing and linked to the "Revision" custom property as well.


If I put 00 in the revision table before running the workflow then my custom property auto updates to 00 on the drawing and then upon completion of the approval in workflow will increment 1 which makes the revision 01.  This is not correct as the revision should actually stay 00.  if I leave the revision table blank by putting a space in it, the drawing revision changes to 00 correctly but the revision table stays blank.  Is there any way to synchronize these using the same "revision" custom property or will I need to have a different property to drive them independently?  I can manually control by changing the custom property back one rev before running the workflow but this means more work in the drawing format which is what I'm trying to avoid with my team.

Thanks in advance.