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looking for feedback on left hand/right hand parts and assemblies

Question asked by Nick Chancey on Nov 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2011 by Shawn Grigsby

I am curious of how others are working with there LH/RH parts and assemblies. What is considered the best method?


Sometimes i create 2 configurations of assemblies for each hand. After i mate a component to the assembly, i switch to the other config. and mate it to the other side and suppress the mates that i don't need for that config. This way both LH and RH assemblies are in the same assembly file. When i put the sub-assy in another one, i can toggle which hand i want.


I am aware that there is a mirror assembly command but it never copies the mates over after mirroring. Maybe I am doing something wrong.


Please share how you handle drawings or LH/RH assemblies too. I have to completely dimension and detail an opposite hand drawing after i am done w/ the first hand. It was nice in autocad when you finished a drawing that you could just mirror it and have the other hand complete.


(soldworks 2009 sp4.0)