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Customize workflow notifications

Question asked by Alexander Leisentritt on Nov 2, 2009
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while reworking our workflows I started to make use of notifications.

Since we try to map everything on groups and not on users I am happy with the possiblity to make a "dynamic" decision to which user to send the notification when perfoming a transition.

After a while we realized that the templates are not very good translated (we are germans ) so I followed S-018024 to customize them and, since we use Outlook, to change the buttons into links.

Now that we knew how to customize we change the format too a little bit and now we have the problem that it not enough to know the name of the file but we want to show additional data saved in the custom properties of the file.

I know you can do that in an email sent when adding the email as an action in a transition. There you can put in variables and in the subject of the email too but it has limitaionts: this email is sent every time you do the transition either to the selected user or to all users in the selected group. You dont have the features of the normal notifications to send the mail only to the user of the previous transition or the creator or to select the user out of a group.


Is there a way to display variables of files like on an "action email"?


I tried the same syntax like in an action email e. g. "%var_SM_NUMBER%" but that didnt work. It wrote that in clear text into the mail.


Any help appriciated.