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    Modelling Vibration

    Chris Freshman



      Can i model joints and vibrations with solidworks?


      Bascally I have joints and materials and a casing design and need to perform an analysis to see 1) the stress on the bolts/joints. 2) the affect of vibration wether it will with stand it or shake loose, 3) see the extent of deformation


      If not can anyone suggest a program that can


      Many Thanks

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          David Anderson

          you can model random vibrations if you have a psd input curve. from these results you can predict loads and stresses but it is a statistical method.


          you can model sinusoidal (harmonic) cyclical loads or displacments for given frequencies.


          in general, to determine if your joint is going to fall apart would require you to determine the loads on the joints first, then determine if the joints /fasteners are gapping, which will remove preloads from say a fastener and thus allow a nut/bolt the oppurtunity to back out.


          not sure what versions of simulation allow this capability but most FEA software will allow you to get what you are looking for, just will have to do it in multple steps.i am not aware of a program that will give you a one button solution to your problem