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My Request to Book Authors

Discussion created by John Sutherland on Nov 1, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by John Sutherland
All the SW books I have bought have been more use to me a year down the track than at the beginning. 

I want to know the context; where the subject came from; how and why it got to be where it is.

I want an overview to tell me what lies ahead, and the paths I might choose to take.

Define your buzzwords up front.  Make the effort to be consistent with academic and industry use of words.  Identify synonyms which have regrettably become entrenched.

Fully explain the fundamental concepts which will apply throughout my project.

Give me examples of what is possible, and explain the choices and consequences for every action.  I will try the techniques on my project, not yours.

Spare me the whizz bang tips and tricks.  I will discover the relevant ones if I find myself specialising in one area.

I will dip into your book when I feel the need to increment my understanding.  Consequently I want the layout of your book to reflect the layout of my workflow.

Focus on modelling first, and treat separately all the SW add ons which may or may not be of interest to me.