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Routing Configurations - I have a need for them - do you?

Question asked by Kris Yates on Oct 31, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2009 by Kris Yates
Currently routing has no inherent way to take advantage of the configuration capability found throughout the rest of the Solidworks product- I've been told there is not enough demand for this to warrant development and was wondering if I am the only one needing/wanting this capablilty. An example of this functionallity is pictured below. To create these examples an individual route assembly is required for each "configuration" shown and I want to know if others feel the capability to accomplish this example using configurations should be a higher priority. SW tech support has agreed that this is NOT considered an enhancement request but a BUG (SPR 448208) with a high priority. At this point I have no indication that this is being addressed. I welcome your feedback or differing opinion. Thanks in advance.