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Import a UG NX assembly with structure and component names?

Question asked by James Ceszyk on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by James Ceszyk

Is it possible to get the entire assembly structure including component names when opening a parasolid made from a UG NX assembly file? I have been trading STEP files back and forth with my UG customers and while this maintains component names and the assembly tree, sometimes the models need some cleaning up on both sides.


I've had good results going from SolidWorks to NX with parasolid - They get the entire assembly structure with my component names when they use "file > open > parasolid". From NX to SW is giving me some problems.


Single NX native part files open great in SW. Opening the NX native assembly does not work, or works badly (I do have all the externally referenced NX files for the assembly). Opening a parasolid of the NX assembly file gives me a flat assembly (no sub-assemblies come through) where the component names are replaced with something like, test_assembly_part-1 ...-2 ...-3.


Maybe there are some incorrect settings on the NX output side?


Any help is appreciated.