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Question asked by Tim Turpin on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by 1-YJ1IM

Using EPDM 2008.


When veiwing search results, is it possible to have some viewer see a file only at a specific state and others veiwers see all regardless of state?


What I am trying to do is as follows and based on the following general workflow states.

States are Eng Design, Released, ECO  (Once Released file remains until ECO needed, then goes to ECO, returns to Eng Design and then Released)


Would like Eng to be able to see all states.

Would like Sales Group, Purchasing only to see Released.


Issue - If file goes to ECO, I would like Eng to see ECO state, but would like Sales/Purchasing to still see it but at the Released State as that is still the latest valid doc.


Is this possible?


Thanks, Tim...