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Anyone upgraded EPDM server

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by Todd Puckett

We have a server, it's a double dual core 2 1.6GHz, 8 GB RAM, with two 10k drive in Raid 1...

We have a lot of stuff on it, sharing folders essentially, EPDM and we are planing to put a ERP on it.

Right now, we see a bit of sluggishness when we are using the EPDM. My boss asked me to look at upgrading the server... but I was wondering if it worth it or not?

We have a quotatiion from Dell, a quad core X5504 (4 core, 4 thread, Nehalem/i7 architecture) with 6GB ram (actually don't think the 8GB actually worth it... as it is just for file acess etc, still, can upgrade it later), with the same 10k drive in Raid 1.


How does EPDM span with cpu? should we upgrade the drive instead... maybe it's a better idea...


Does anyone has experience upgrading a server with EPDM on it?