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Assembly or Part Name when Saving in Microsoft XAML format

Question asked by 1-ML653E on Oct 28, 2009
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Currently, when an assembly is saved in the Microsoft XAML format, none of the assembly or part names are being exported as part of the process.  For example, a XAML 3D file may have nested <ModelVisual3D> elements, the higher level elements corresponding to assemblies and the inner/nested <ModelVisual3D> elements corresponding to parts or sub-assemblies. 


By default, the parts are exported as <ModelVisual3D> elements instead of simply adding the name attribute, as follows:

<ModelVisual3D x:Name="My_Name_Is_Salut">.


We use the XAML files in our .Net/WPF applications.  Without such a name identifier, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reference individual <ModelVisual3D> elements, because none of them have a name.  Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to even display an assembly/part tree in our software, because the name/identifier is not exported from SolidWorks.


Is there some way around this?  Am I missing a hidden setting or some such thing?


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