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    Assembly or Part Name when Saving in Microsoft XAML format



      Currently, when an assembly is saved in the Microsoft XAML format, none of the assembly or part names are being exported as part of the process.  For example, a XAML 3D file may have nested <ModelVisual3D> elements, the higher level elements corresponding to assemblies and the inner/nested <ModelVisual3D> elements corresponding to parts or sub-assemblies. 


      By default, the parts are exported as <ModelVisual3D> elements instead of simply adding the name attribute, as follows:

      <ModelVisual3D x:Name="My_Name_Is_Salut">.


      We use the XAML files in our .Net/WPF applications.  Without such a name identifier, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reference individual <ModelVisual3D> elements, because none of them have a name.  Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to even display an assembly/part tree in our software, because the name/identifier is not exported from SolidWorks.


      Is there some way around this?  Am I missing a hidden setting or some such thing?


      Thank you,