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BOM in part file-two different materials

Question asked by Mark Lea-Wilson on Oct 27, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by Mark Lea-Wilson

Its kind of been covered, but here's my situation:


I'm creating a part that is dimensionally identical, but has two different part numbers one for a carbon steel material and one for a stainless steel material.  it's easy to set up the part file with two different configurations, but is there a way to get that information onto a BOM on the part drawing?  Obviously I don't want to make two drawings, I'd like to have a table that look something like this, that is linked to the custom configuration properties:


Part NumberMaterial
1021541026 CS, 42-60 HRA, 50 KSI MIN YIELD
102155316 SS, 52-62 HRA, 34 KSI MIN YIELD