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Seetings needed for IBM School Connect Network

Question asked by 1-7UEHFD on Oct 26, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2009 by Andy Sanders

Our school has recentlybeen upgraded to the IBM School Connect system, and our Technological Design Lab has SW 2009 sp4.1 Edu installed.

We have noticed that there are a lot of interesting hiccups with SW running on the network. Messages like  "access to C:\progra~1\solid~1\lang\english\color swatches\dull.sldcr was denied" keep popping up on several students trying to change colors as per introductory tutorials. Other hiccups revolve around the inability to save template files, and user settings. SW ran fine on the same computers before they got reimaged to the new IBM networking system.

The rights and privlages are extremely limited in the student accounts. Are there any settings that we can look at in the SW program folders, or do changes have to be made to the network to allow for more student rights and privlages to cut down on these hiccups? The SW documentation has not been very helpful. Our VAR and site admin are confused over how to properly deal with this issue.

Your help is greatly appreciated.