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Driveworks Express output to specified location

Question asked by Matt Hampshire on Oct 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by Ian Yates

I've just learned how to struggle through Driveworks Express (DWX) and caught a snag. I'd like DWX to output the new model on my desktop, or anywhere other than the original model's folder. That was I don't have to run the configuration, then move the output to where I want. This is supposed to be a tool for everyone here at work. I make the configurable model, and it makes it easy on everyone!


I found this info on DWX website in the forums:


Ok, that's cool. I can give the output a prefix! First step, make sure it works, so I enter:

     ="*" & projectname & "dwx box"


where projectname is the variable I enter with all the other dimensions. Sure enough, it give me a file like:

     ABC123dwx box.SLDPRT


Next step, put the path of my desktop in for the prefix. I thought I'd tricked DWX

     ="*" & "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\Desktop\dwx box"


     ="*" & "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\Desktop\" & "dwx box"


and I get the error:     The value for filename contains invalid characters for a filename


I tried "C:\" and just "C:" and "\", they all give me the error. I can't put the output file in another folder without the ":" or "\" characters. I can't map a new drive letter for my desktop or anything else I have thought of.


Has anyone found a trick to make it work? Undoubtedly DW has included this limitation so you will purchase the full version instead of Express.