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Options file for SW2010

Question asked by Mikael Martinsson on Oct 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2009 by Mikael Martinsson


Have just installed the new SolidNetWork License Administrator for SW2010.

I now have 2 questions:


1. How do I do to have my options file read when SNL admin starts?


Earler I added VENDOR sw_d sw_d.opt in the license file (the .opt file is in the same directory)

When I do this now, I get an error message that the file couldn't be found.

I should have selected the .opt-file during the installation, but forgott to do that.


2. We changed the server for the SNL Admin. How can I reassign the clients to the new server?


Is there a way to do it via batch-file or similar?

Or do I have to go to each of the work stations and change it manually? (would like to avoid this)


Thank you in advance for your answers.