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Linking Solidworks dwg to a PDF

Question asked by 1-LEAOOS on Oct 22, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2009 by Lenny Bucholz

Hello all,     


Thank you for reading this. Im new to the Solidworks forums. Im a design Engineer for a small company in Wisconsin and we just started using solidworks here from Auto CAD 2005. I have used solidworks for quite sometime now and am fairly proficient with it. Im using 2009 sp4. What I would like to do is directly link my dwg's to a pdf so my operators can go to a local pc and print out the drawings they need. The only solution I have now is to save the dwg and then save the same .dwg down to a .pdf. That’s fine and all until I make a rev change on the dwg and forget to update my pdf. Is there a way to directly link solid drawings to PDF so when there is a change the PDF automatically updates as well?      


Thank you! Joe Stage