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    Where do I get the Toolbox?

      The 09-10 Student version our school gave us, as well as the downloaded SDK version, do not appear to include the Toolbox. Installing it following the onscreen instructions goes through the motions, but nothing is installed or is available. The onscreen instructions are not very user-friendly. Using the disk to repair installaion or change installed options doesn't make any difference. Same results on two different computers. I need the Toolbox to continue my studies, but am at a loss how to install it.
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          John Lhuillier
          After you've installed it, open Solidworks and pick TOOLS> ADD-INS and make sure that the Start Up box is checked for Toolbox. Then to access the hardware library, it is in the Design Library tab on the right side of the display area.
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            Chris Sonon

            If installing from the Installation Manager you will want to modify the add-in portion of the Solidworks Product, or at least verify that the toolbox is selected. On the screen where it lists the products to install hit the '+' button next to Solidworks and expand 'Add-Ins' (select the '+'). You should see Solidworks Toolbox listed. Make sure it is selected to be installed.


            If the product is selected to be installed continue through the installation. If, after running through the install the product is not available from the 'Tools > Add-Ins" you will want to open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and locate the two following areas.





            Right click on each of these folders and select 'rename' and add a '_' at the end. After doing this go into Add/Remove programs and locate Solidworks. Select Change/Modify. You will walk back through the Installation Manager again to repair the installation.


            If after this the toolbox is still not available please respond to the post.


            God Bless,


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                Thank you for your help. I followed your instruction and changed the folder names to




                In the installation manager I do not see a Toolbox option. Should there be one??


                The next screen asks:


                Hole Wizard and Toolbox
                SolidWorks  includes a library of standard hole types, as well as hardware if SolidWorks  Toolbox is installed. If you have multiple users, you may want to choose a  central location for these files.

                     Specify Hole Wizard and Toolbox file location:

                C:\SolidWorks Data\


                I accepted this, got past the survey screen and then started SolidWorks


                II went to Tool>Options>SystemOption>HoleWizerd/Toolbox and pressed the Configure button next to

                C:\SolidWorks Data\


                A ToolBox window pops up with several options

                The checked options have not changes from that last time I tried it. The save option disk icon is shaded since I made no changes.

                I close the window and go to Design Library and get the message "Toolbox is not installed"


                Any suggestions? I still have no Toolbox.

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                Chris Sonon
                The product level you are installing is Solidworks Standard, this does not include Toolbox. From the looks of your installation manager you are not entitled to a higher level than Standard. I would verify that your serial number allows you access to Toolbox (currently Office Pro/Premium).
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                    Odd that the download version that came with the book does not include the toolbox, yet the toolbox is required to do the execises in the book.

                    I also got an official DVD of the SDK 09-10 student version from the instructor, and it also appears to lack the toolbox. It has the same serial number as the downloaded student version.


                    Very cruel of SolidWorks to allow one to go through all the motions of installing it and then not have it appear. I've spent at least 8 hours on this problem


                    I also own a copy of the 2008 student version. I uninstalled it since the class is using 2009. I do not know if it has the toolbox or not. If it does, can it be used in the 2009 version?

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                    Chris Sonon
                    From everything that I can find after talking to my coworkers (I work for a VAR), we believe the education edition does not allow for Toolbox. We may be wrong...
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                        Lynnette Sabatka
                        The educational version comes with everything including the Toolbox and even Simulation.  Did you check your file locations?  One of my students had that problem and I just copied my toolbox items to a jump drive and he was able to add that folder in order to point SW to the toolbox items.
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                            Other students in the class using SDK2009 are reporting the same Toolbox missing issue. If anyone has a way to get Toolbox  to appear on the Add-Ins menu, it would be much appreciated, but we can muddle through without (easy to just leave the part out or fake a screw).


                            There appears to be a .mdb file in the Toolbox folder, but no provisions on the SW menu to install Toolbox or access it.

                            Some info in the Toolbox folder log file:


                            Source Database: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\toolbox\data utilities\lang\english\updatedb.mdb
                            Destination Database: c:\program files\solidworks corp\solidworks\lang\english\SWBrowser.mdb

                            Starting update database...

                            Destination Database Version: 13.17
                            Source Database Version: 13.17

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                                anurag shukla

                                Toolbox is not part of SDK since SDK is a limited edition version.


                                Even if you get toolbox database files from any other user, you will not be able to configure it because the add-in is not installed on the system.


                                Hence there is no option to enable  toolbox for SDK version of SolidWorks.

                                If you get a student edition version, toolbox will be available.

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                            Masterwayne Jones


                            Please email me! I got your answer but I cant explain everything very well through chat, I have a video that I can email you that shows you hows its done. Please message me on KIK app my username is: waynej20, Snapchat masterwaynep Email masterwaynep@hotmail.com

                            or facebook.com/waynej20 if you cant reach me on one try the other one, but I will get back to you within 24 hours. This is a very easy to follow video for WINDOWS that i personally made that shows you a step by step how to do it. Ill email it to you in a zip file and stay in contact with you until you have it all figured out, if I have time maybe even facetime if needed, or worst case scenario remote access and help you that way. I spent days trying to figure this crap out and I know how much of a PAIN in the butt it is, Im here to help. If you email or message me of any sort please just put the subject as "SOLIDWORKS TOOLBOX HELP!!!" My name is Master Wayne, Im a Engineer student that, like you, just wants the tool box to work. Let me help you i hope im not too late and youve given up. Talk to you soon!

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                                Masterwayne Jones

                                Ive had several people email me then i reply and tell them i must send them the tool box file in order for this to work then they dont reply back. So heres this. What i did was i went to my schools computer who had the tool box option. I copied the tool box file from the C drive onto a sd card and put it onto my computer, then on my computer i moved that same file to my C drive, opened up solid works> on the right side is a popout menu that says to configure the tool box, we all know it> click on the 3 books tab on that menu, then click the 3 books with a star on it. Browse the files C: drive> Solidworks data... if you have this file then all you have to do is click okay and your done... no changing file names like the guys above... if you want to see if you already have this file go to your C drive. See if theres a file calles SolidWorks, or something like that but i know it starts with solid.... any ways if you open it its gotta have 3 files (browse,lang,data) ok in the browse file is ALL THE PARTS THAT ARE IN THE TOOLBOX! If you have that file go through the steps i listed above..... once youve done that, in that side menu with the 3 books you should see a new folder its the one from the Cdrive. Open it, does it say those three same files? If yes good. Open browse... or the top one rather... BAM this is the exact file thats the menu for ALL THE TOOL BOX PARTS!! You should see ASI US blah blah blah... open one... then click another file to open doesnt matter cuz once you click past all the sub files youll get to the parts, each sub file under browse main file, remeber that file from the 3 main files... yea thats like the top of the menu. Anything subfiled is the tools... if this doesnt make any sense to you... look up Master Solidworks toolbox help. Ill create a youtube video for you guys. DONT LISTEN TO ALL THAT CRAP THOSE GUYS SAID TO DO ABOVE... I TRIED IT AND IT DIDN WORK DOING IT THEIR WAY i showed my PHD professor how to do it and then  showed the entire class how to do it. I made him a video to show his online students how to do it too. Thats the video ill post... by the way IT DOESNT MATTER WHICH SOLIDWORKS PROGRAM YOU HAVE ive gotten it to work on ALL KINDS EVEN AUTO CAD! Its simply basic FTP fileing... its like createing the templete folder your teacher asked you to make on like the first day to keep all your parts in. Its the same thing... good luck if you need more help email me my email is in the comment above this one... oh when you email me please reply back. If you dont have the file that you need to do all this. Dont sweat it ill just send you the file... its kinda big so ill winzip it up. Goodluck.

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                                Masterwayne Jones

                                This is Master Wayne, ive had a ton of ppl email me but my email puts their mail in my junk folder so i miss it. So im here to say what i would in a email.

                                Heres the link to download the file, its about 362 mbs. But its zipped. So download it, and Ive also have a link i hope will help ppl be able to install it correctly and be able to customize the parts. Please understand I havent used SolidWorks since I posted the help post above.

                                I really cant help much more because my toolbox is from Student Solidworks 2016. So idk if they updated their systems or not however you should be able to take the unzipped folder and place it next to other projects that youve saved and use these parts as a saved project. Please post any thing that can help others with the updated system. Good luck! You can still email me for help though, sorry if I dont immediately reply! Try messageing me on kik waynej20 or facebook.com/waynej20 for a faster response.