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Convert Entities Problems

Question asked by 1-39SHIM on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by Brian Hoerner

Has anyone else had issues with convert entities with Solidworks 2010?  Many times whenever I convert entities in a sketch Solidworks will freeze up and crash.  I upgraded to 2010 SP 0.0 yesterday, but the problem is still persisting.  This can be in really simple sketches and really simple parts, and are the types of things that I routinely did in earlier versions.  I recently got a new work computer and am running Vista 64, but I also had the same problem on my home laptop with vista 32.  I never really used 2010 on my old machine with XP, and one of my coworkers who is still on XP and running 2010 pre-release hasn't really experienced the problem.  So it seems that this is either a Solidworks 2010 issue or a Vista issue.  If anyone else has experienced this I'd love to know if they've come up with any workarounds.


My specs are:

Intel i7 950

6 GB Ram

Quadro FX 1800


Windows Vista Business 64-bit

Solidworks 2010 SP 0.0


As I said, I've experienced the problem on 2 different computers and the only common thing between them is Vista and 2010, and I never experienced it in Solidworks until I started using 2010, so I don't think there are any hardware issues.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.