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    2006 import diagnostics

    Jim Donnellon

      Is there a way to run import diagnostics on a existing part in 2006.  i have multiple imported assemblies with error's.  it seems in 2006 you can't run import diagnostics on parts that have already been imported.  or if i could just turn off the error notice.  i find that if i export the part out, then import it back in, i can run diagnostics. then do a save as. but then i have to fix contraints.



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          Steve Calvert

          Jim, I have been pretty successful at doing diagnostics before by taking the assemblies and making them as simple as possible before running any diagnostics.  Example, I have imported a Pro/E assembly file and dumbed it down to just what I truely needed and then saved as to make a single solidworks part file and then fixed what I needed.  The only time this doesn't work well is for surfaces.  You have to fix what surface problems there are before you save as.


          Good luck


          BTW, I use 2006 in production and have 2009 loaded and sometimes I use 2009 to fix surface problems because it allows me to fix gaps separetly.



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            Jerry Steiger



            Import Diagnostics is only available on a "naked" imported part. Once you make a change to the part, SolidWorks takes the import diagnostics away from you. I have no idea why it works that way and find it quite infuriating. Your work-around of exporting the part and importing again is the only one I know of.


            Jerry Steiger