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Assembly with one fixed and one floating part.

Question asked by Abhay Naik on Oct 21, 2009
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I would appreciate if some one help me with my problem. I have an assembly of two parts. One of the part is fixed where as the second part is floating. In case where there is no external load, the floating part rests on the fixed part. However, with force application, the floating part displaces until it is stopped by the fixed part. Since the floating part is completely free to move in all directions for small displacements, I cannot put restraints on this. I can explain my problem with a simple two part assembly as shown in the below picture. The pin in the assembly is free to move in one direction. But when the axial load is applied, the movement of this pin is restricted by the collar. I tried to insert an imaginary part with soft material properties, but could not get the problem to converge.


Has anyone tried similar problems before? Or is there something wrong in my approach?