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Is anyone using the Layout feature?

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2009 by Matt Lombard

There are some ups and downs to the Layout feature in assemblies (not the generic layout sketch, the Layout feature with a toolbar button and all).


good stuff:

  • can move parts
  • make parts right from sketch
  • avoid circular relations


bad stuff:

  • uses 3d sketch with all of the limitations and difficulties of 3d sketches
  • sketch relations seem to turn into mates (?!?!?!?)
  • editing it is not exactly straight forward
  • requires the use of blocks to get all of the functionality
  • fully defined 3d sketch made into blocks is extremely unstable
  • part creation from block is not very time saving
  • cannot copy/paste from 2d sketch to plane in Layout
  • cannot use Autodimension


I feel like there must be something I'm missing here. Has anyone had a positive experience with this feature? Can someone from SolidWorks go beyond the Help and explain what the vision for this feature was/is?