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3ds Max IGES to SW

Question asked by 1-L2HKP6 on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2009 by Kevin De Smet



I’m running some tests to see if NURBS objects created in 3ds Max and exported as IGES files, are useful in SolidWorks.



I created the attached model with NURBS tools in 3ds Max. I can import it into SolidWorks, but it gives errors regarding gaps in the model. I'm not an experienced SolidWorks user, so I don't know how serious this "gaps problem" is. Would a SW user consider this model useful, or would the gaps need to be fixed, either in SW or before import? Are there any other problems with this model that would make a SW user think it's not useful?


Thanks for your help.