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64x admin images w/o internet access

Question asked by Mark Athey on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2009 by Chris Sonon

We recently started purchasing 64 bit machines, even though IT won't support them...and therefore we have no internet access for these systems.


I can create the 0.0 admin image using the DVD, but upgrades are proving to be impossible.


Of course SW want's you to do any upgrade via the IM, but it tries to go out to the internet to get the files it needs.


I can use the IM via a 32 bit machine, but then cannot get the 64 bit updates.


So your next thought is "just do the manual download"... well, even after downloading every file available (40-some files, one at a time no less), it still says it's missing necessary files to update.


The thing that really cracks me up, is the documentation for "no internet access" always seems to include downloading the files from the internet. Kinda like "email me if your internet is down".


Has anyone done this successfully?