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Using SW-MASS in a Design Table Calculation

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2009 by Tom Strohscher

I've been searching with no success how to use mass in a design table.


I’ve tried some of the suggestions that add a custom property called weight then add the custom property to the design table.  That sure enough puts the weight in Excel where I use it but when you exit excel the custom property changes from SW-Mass@test1.SLDPRT to a number.  The next time you open Excel it gets the previous fixed number rather then the mass.


I’ve seen where you can put $SW-MASS in excel.  But that doesn’t do anything.  I’ve changed the column format to general, number, text, fixed…It never gets a value from SW.


I’m reading SW Help (Summary of Design Table Parameters)  Either I'm think in the head or this isn’t working correctly.


We are tiring to use Excel to do some calculations.  We want to use Excel to lookup limit values based on model values.  The limits will then be passed to custom properties them passed to a drawing.


Any ideas?