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Do I have some setting set incorrectly?

Question asked by Greg Van Arsdale on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2009 by Greg Van Arsdale

So I need a new widget, the same as my existing widget, but the new one is for a different size shaft...ok


Open the drawing of the existing widget.  It has a BOM and a lovely exploded isometric view.


File - Save As... new widget drawing number...


Expand the drawing view in the tree to open up the model.


The model has many (60) configurations...


Open the design table... copy the row for the existing widget, paste it in as the last row, edit the number and description field to be the new widget...


Save the design table and close it.  Copy the exploded view from the existing widget configuration to the new widget configuration.


Double click on the new configuration.  All of the mates in the new assembly are broken!


So we need to "fix them up" one by one...


But SW knows better than me:


Error Concentric23   The components cannot be moved to a position which satisfies this mate.  Cylinder and circle are not concentric.  Distance between centers is 23.9630229in.



Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong?