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Assembly dissapears when viewed at certain angles

Question asked by 1-422NKO on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2010 by Wim Van Der Velden

When veiwing an assembly (and on occasion a single part) at certain angles (or zooming in) the assembly will disapear from view. Rotating the view a couple of degrees or zooming in or out slightly will make the assembly visable again.

On the current assembly i'm working on, all was ok for the first few weeks and then the problem started. Once the problem has begun it will always happen. Sometimes the problem can be temporaily fixed by changing the scene.Its not just the current assembly, its happened a number of times before.


When the part/assem has dissapeared from view, running the mouse over where the part should be and left clicking will reveal outlines of the part.


Putting the part/assem in wireframe view / hidden lines on/of etc... makes no difference.


I'm using SW2008 sp3.1. I've had this problem in XP, Vista and Win7.

I dont have a standalone graphics card, i'm using a built in Intel G33/G31 express chipset.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Would a decent graphics card put this right?

Is it a known bug?

If it is a known bug, has the problem been rectified in further SP's or releases?

Any links to previous threads about this?


Thanks for any help.