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Help with Rollcage

Question asked by alex helton on Oct 16, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2009 by alex helton

Well Im back again for answers.  I am looking to make the back and front roll bars one single piece.  I built the rollcage by:


1) Drawing a 3D sketch of the whole cage using only the draw arc and draw line features

2) Selecting groups and structural members

3) Welding the bars to the horizontal pieces using the fillet bead function


For some wierd reason the roll bars are shown as multiple pieces.  The bends are not radical enough to seem impossible.  I would like to know what might be the easiest way of correcting this.  I do not want to scrap the roll cage and start new.  If I can, I would like to just do only a small amount of modifying.  I can safely guarantee you that the roll bars are shown as multiple pieces because the cutlist shows that.  It would be easier if we had one solid bend.  Thanks.  Secondly, can someone explain the easiest way to attach the provided rollcage to the 3D sketched body.  I was practicing with the assembly mode.  Are there any youtube videos on this.  Can you combine those 2?