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Will this be a usefull Enhancement ????

Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Oct 16, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2009 by Mohamed Abdel Moniem

Log time ago. I worked with a CAD application which allows to "link" the value of a dimension to an external source (previously defined as a "data source"... I believe that since SW is adding some "new" functionality to the application at this time, perhaps will be nice to have the ability to do something like that...


When you create a dimension, have an additional option "External Link"  where you can define something such as:

- A cell location inside an Excel sheet (not just the file) such as [Book1]Sheet1!$B$5, or [Book1]Sheet1!Name, etc.

- To the value of a record field on a DB

- etc.


Even if in order for SW to update that value the data origin application will need to be open, for us this functionality will be very nice to have.


Is there any other people that can use this?  If so, lets ask for an enhancement, is is a democratic application, or not!