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Customized TB parts and PDM Enterprise

Question asked by 1-LSDHAW on Oct 16, 2009



I´m having some issues using customized Toolbox parts with PDM Enterprise. I´ve done some customizations in my Toolbox this week:


I have created new Toolbox parts with design tables;

I added these parts to my Toolbox using Add to Library. Most of the parts I added to a standard named Rochaz that I created as a copy of a DIN standard and a new standard named Simrit that a created clicking on Toolbox and selecting create new folder.


Until these steps I was reading the folder SolidWorks Data from my HD. After I´ve done these customizations I copied my SW Data folder to a network drive as recommended for multi-users environment. Then I´ve set on Hole Wizard / Toolbox files to point to my network drive SolidWorks Data. The shared Toolbox configurations in PDM Enterprise are made correctly and when I try to insert a new TB part from my User Library the message is green confirming that my TB settings are correct for a multi-users environment. Until this point everything was working fine. So I’ve tried to add TB parts to a assembly in my Vault. When I add standards TB parts like DIN screws when I click on the part properties the part file path is C:/RZVault/TB/Browser which is the expected path. But when I add my customized TB parts when I click on the part properties it points to my local SolidWorks Data instead of pointing to my Vault. When I try to check in my assembly with these customized parts I just can´t check them in my Vault and appears a warning “This file is outside Enterprise PDM”.


I´ve done some tests trying to find what´s causing this unexpected behavior. I´ve changed my Hole Wizard / Toolbox settings to point to my SolidWorks Data in my local HD. Then I´ve opened my assembly in my Vault and added TB customized and standard parts. Then I´ve checked them in and I had no problem doing it. My customized TB parts path on the properties window point to C:/RZVault/TB/ConisioAdded as it was supposed to be.


I cannot find what´s going on with my TB customized parts on my network drive.


PS: I’m sorry for any English errors.