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    AddFileShared, howto?

      is there any code example on how i can use .AddFileShared?


      what i am trying to do is add a reference to another pdm/conisio folder, so it can be opened from there while the actual file is located somewhere else...isnt it what addFileShared does?


      there is no code example in Programmer's reference guide 2009


      here is my code from C#


      folder = (

      IEdmFolder5)vault.GetObject(EdmObjectType.EdmObject_Folder, folderID);

      folder.AddFileShared(fileID, 0);

      it doen't do anything, no reference or anything is added to the folder


      EdmLib v5.13.0.0


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          Erik Persson

          Hi Max,

          Your code looks correct. Have you verified:

          1. That the file ID is valid?

          2. That it isn't enough to do a manual refresh in the Windows Explorer afterwards (i.e. the link is actually created).


          You can also try out the code below, which works for me. It lets you browse for a file and a destination folder, shares the file and makes sure the destination folder is refreshed in the Explorer.







          Sub ShareAFile(ByVal vault As IEdmVault5)



          Error GoTo ErrHand


          'Browse for the source file


          Dim pathList As IEdmStrLst5

          pathList = vault.BrowseForFile(

          Me.Handle, EdmBrowseFlag.EdmBws_ForOpen + EdmBrowseFlag.EdmBws_PermitVaultFiles, "All Files (*.*)|*.*||", "", "", "", "Select File to Share")


          If pathList Is Nothing Then Exit Sub


          Dim path As String

          path = pathList.GetNext(pathList.GetHeadPosition())


          Dim file As IEdmFile5

          file = vault.GetFileFromPath(path)


          'Browse for the destination folder


          Dim folder As IEdmFolder5

          folder = vault.BrowseForFolder(

          Me.Handle.ToInt32, "Select Destination Folder")


          If folder Is Nothing Then Exit Sub


          'Share the file




          'Make sure the result shows in open Explorer windows



          Exit Sub



          Dim errnam As String


          Dim errdesc As String

          vault.GetErrorString(Err.Number, errnam, errdesc)


          "Could not share file." + vbLf + errdesc)