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    SolidWorks 2009 to SolidWorks 2008


      I need to take a SW 2009 Assembly File and use it in SW 2007.

      The drawing is still active and I will be required to use the feature tree and continue modelling once in SW2007.

      Does SW allow back save between version compatibility?

      Or if I save as a parasolid or IGES will it have the feature tree data and allow me to continue working.

      Thank you


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          Troy Peterson

          Once saved as an Iges or parasolid the file is a dumb solid you will have no tree just an imported part(s) with no history.


          There is no backwards compatibility in SW....Yet......
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            Jerry Steiger



            Sorry, you can't do that. You will end up in SW07 with a dumb solid. Use Parasolid, not IGES, as it is much more likely to give you a good model. If the part is reasonably simple, you might be able to use FeatureWorks (provided you have it) in SW07 to build a new feature tree.


            Actually, I just reread your note. You say an assembly, and then talk about the feature tree. Do you need to modify the parts in your assembly or just modify the assembly? The assembly will also be a dumb assembly, with no mates, but everything should be located in the same place it was is SW09. You should be able to get by with only floating and then mating the parts that need to move.


            Jerry Steiger