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Circuitworks workaround?  exporting board outlines to PADS

Question asked by Andrew Poynot on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2009 by Peter Nichols

I'm looking for an easier way to export a board outline to PADS, without upgrading to Circuitworks.  The method I currently use is very cumbersome:

  • export a DXF of the board outline
  • open it in DWG Editor
  • create PADS-specific layers (e.g. BOARD_OUTLINE_00) in DGW Editor
  • add entities to the layers in DWG Editor
  • finally (and this is the pain-in-the-neck part) I have to manually "join" each line/arc to its neighbor at the vertices.


Does anyone know of a better way?  Can I join all of the sketch entities into one before I export to DXF?  (In Pro/E there was a feature called "composite curve" that would copy existing curves and join them as one).