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Search speed performance

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Oct 14, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by Todd Puckett

Enterprise is great.....but whenever you replace an older hear from users about any shortcomings it has compared to the old system.


One is search speed. Searching for PDFs of our drawings takes around 6-10 seconds in Enterprise on our test server. There are about 70,000 PDFs being searched. In the legacy home built system it takes about 1 second. First thing the users noticed of course.


So does this search time sound right for something that only returns around 10 files? What on the server affects search time most? This is a test system and the server is little older (2007). The memory on it is pushing 2.7gb total usage which seems a little high....most of it is SQL (1.8gb)


Test Server

Windows server 2003 (32bit)

(2x) Xeon Dempsey 5050 3ghz

4gb ram

SQL 2008

Enterprise 2009 sp4


Production Server

Windows server 2003 (64bit)

(1x) Xeon Gainstown 2.53ghz

12gb ram


Legacy system (20 years old)

IBM AIX (Operating system)


Database is Interbase