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Why dosen't 'Save' actually save the file?

Question asked by Paul Bohn on Oct 13, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by Chris Challinor

So I open a drawing file this morning and work on it for several hours, clicking save several times during the session.


As usual, Solidworks eventually crashes for some unknown reason, like it does at least once a day. (this time I clicked on a table cell, guess I shouldn't have done that...)


So i go to restart solidworks and reopen the file, and nothing in the file has changed. It's all exactly the way it was before i started working on the drawing. Even through windows explorer, the file dates have not changed. Furthermore, there is no auto recovery file saved, no backup files, or any thing else that would suggest that I've even opened the drawing file today. Am I dreaming? Did I NOT just do a whole pile of work to the drawing?


Can anybody shed any light on this problem? This is a constant occurance. I can put up with the daily crashes, but when clicking save, dosen't actually save the changes to the file, that's something I can't deal with. (Not to mention auto recovery that only works occasionally, backup files that are not up to date, and save reminders that only pop up after I click save..)


All the files are saved locally on my hard drive, I'm using SW2009 SP4.1.