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    Why dosen't 'Save' actually save the file?

    Paul Bohn

      So I open a drawing file this morning and work on it for several hours, clicking save several times during the session.


      As usual, Solidworks eventually crashes for some unknown reason, like it does at least once a day. (this time I clicked on a table cell, guess I shouldn't have done that...)


      So i go to restart solidworks and reopen the file, and nothing in the file has changed. It's all exactly the way it was before i started working on the drawing. Even through windows explorer, the file dates have not changed. Furthermore, there is no auto recovery file saved, no backup files, or any thing else that would suggest that I've even opened the drawing file today. Am I dreaming? Did I NOT just do a whole pile of work to the drawing?


      Can anybody shed any light on this problem? This is a constant occurance. I can put up with the daily crashes, but when clicking save, dosen't actually save the changes to the file, that's something I can't deal with. (Not to mention auto recovery that only works occasionally, backup files that are not up to date, and save reminders that only pop up after I click save..)


      All the files are saved locally on my hard drive, I'm using SW2009 SP4.1.

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          Don Vanzile

          I've never actually seen SW not save a file if you've clicked save, unless it's read only.  But you should get a dialog box to save as a new name.  Are you sure your opening the drawing from the location that you were working on it all day?



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            Jerry Steiger



            I don't have any good answers for you, but a colleague has had similar problems with files that apparently didn't save. One thing to check would be to make sure that the file was saving in the place you expected. Perhaps your work was nicely saved in some unexpected directory. On the other hand, perhaps more bizarre things are happening. My friend, an honest and intelligent man, swears that one day when he was having some trouble with a file, he was looking at Microsoft Explorer when SolidWorks crashed and saw the saved file disappear from the directory.


            A general piece of advice is to reboot often, say daily, to keep the gremlins away. I tend to reboot any time my machine or SolidWorks seems to be acting the slightest bit strange.


            My friend started using a netbook a couple of weeks ago for all of his normal office computer use, stripping down his workstation to just run SolidWorks and switching to 64bit, and his system has been quite stable since the change.


            Jerry Steiger

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              Kelvin Lamport

              When you click File > Save or Ctrl S, does the cursor change to  an egg timer for a while?


              Has the drawing been set to Read Only ?


              Does this only happen with drawings? Just the one drawing?


              Sorry for this question ... Are you sure the drawing is not being saved to somewhere other than where you are expecting?

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                Nigel Bennett

                I've recently been experiencing the situation where I have a drawing file and its part or assembly file open. If I save the drawing file, and close it, the window with the open part or assembly file appears. If I click <File> <Close> SW asks if I want to save the file - which to me seems to indicate that saving the drawing hasn't saved the 3D file as well. It only happens occasionally - I can't seem to make it misbehave on demand! Luckily SW hasn't crashed before I've saved the parts. Yet.

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                  Hi, I am experiencing an issue similar to this. and I'm about to lose my cool at work. please help.


                  On 2 of my drawings, I CANNOT SAVE CHANGES, it is driving me bonkers.I had to modify 5 drawings (5 different but similar V-blocks)

                  3 of them, saved just fine.   


                       NOTE: i have 3 folders per line, and i have 2,2,1 drawings in them.

                       no files are read-only. the 2 drawings I cannot save are located in the same folder.


                  methods of saving tried: ctrl+s, clicking the savedisk icon located on the toolbar, closing the window and clicking YES when it prompts me to save, save as a completely different file name.

                  I re-open my drawing to see my changes were in fact not saved.


                  now for the strange part;

                  basically, tolerances is what is not being saved.


                  if i delete dimensions or do something very noticable, it will save correctly.


                  stranger part;

                  its not all tolerances either, it doesnt seem to save, when i make changes to my HOLE TOLERANCES. ONLY


                  btw: this is 2 holes for dowels. and my drawing reads something like:   "2X DIA .234 H7/s6 DEPTH .50"

                  I created the holes with hole wizard. when i deleted the hole dimension, and re-opened, it saved, but when I did HOLE CALLOUT, it remember the settings of the tolerances.

                  i am trying to replace the s6 with the tolerances for the hole (i want: -0.0 / +.0005). IT WILL NOT SAVE MY CHANGES.

                  when i change the depth precision (.5000000 or .5000), IT SAVES. :-?


                  an engineer that I work with, tried to figure it out as he watch me make the changes, and save (sometimes saved 10 times in a row) and then re-open the file to see no changes were saved.


                  I even tried changing the tolerance to BASIC and MIN, changing the precision on the depth. the depth precision SAVED!, but the H7/s6 keeps haunting me.


                  Sorry for the essay, but I felt all this information was needed.


                  Thanks for reading & Your time!


                  take care,


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                    I'm experiencing this annoyance again.


                    and just like the last time, only fit with tolerance changes are not being saved. if I delete dimensions or create new ones, or anything very noticable, it saves.


                    Switching from a fit with tolerance to limits or something does not save....very frustrating.


                    would sp 4 or 5 fix this?


                    I really don't want to keep, deleting and remaking holes, just so my drawings can save a certain tolerance.







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                      it seems to only happen with parts that are apart of an assembly drawing.


                      i just tried to make it happen with a simple part, but I can't get it to NOT save properly.


                      i noticed when it doesnt save is usually when I am modifying the tolerances and sometime i'll get some warning msgs, then after that things dont seem to be the same.


                      warning msg: see attached.

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                        Frank Krockenberger


                        Are you using a pdm to manage your files?


                        if you re-load your drawing (or any file) from the file, recent menu it loads what is in your Cache

                        try file, open,


                        Just a thought,



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                          Daniel Melendez

                          Hi Paul I feel your pain. I believe the answer to your problem is in your statement. You mentioned you're using 2009. In 2009 I had that problem all the time but since I've gone to 2010 I haven't seen that problem yet. As a matter of fact it does save now which I'm extremenly glad for it because much like you in 2009 I was loosing lots of work from crashes that wouldn't save. It seemed like it was spitting.


                          Just double check you settings and after you save during your work day save, close the file, reopen it and that was the only thing I could do to save a drawing at a point I knew I didn't want to lose.


                          I think you know the drill, tools, options, etc....

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                            Matthew Lorono

                            If you are running 64-bit Win-7 systems, you may be missing hidden dialog boxes that are popped under other applications.  For some reason, Microsoft thought it was a good idea to make pop ups appear underneath other programs.  Most hangs and uncompleted functions I've see by my users are a direct result of this very annoying fact.

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                              James Pare

                              Paul, its very simple, I have seen it 100 times over, When crashing out of a drawing, you never get exactly back to where you think you should, The only true way tosave a drawing is to save & close the file. If you keep your 3D model open in the background it will reduce load time, but trust me, if you really want it saved, close & re-open, for some reason, on closing the drawing file it makes a complete save

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                                John Stoltzfus

                                Good afternoon Paul,


                                I know this is an old post that is being rejuvenated.  This feature actually saved my day this morning, my undo only went so far.  So SW crashed and I was able to reload it to the original.  Above it mentions that if you have two sessions open it will do this and that is what happened this morning.  Apparently I hit the Icon twice without knowing it.


                                Set you save as alert for 10 minutes or so and every now and then completely get out of SW and start up and re-load your assembly.





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                                    Chris Challinor

                                    Yep, I have dug up an old post.......but


                                    2013 SP0, have a two part SLDASM and its SLDDWG open as well as the SLDDWG's and SLDPRT's for each of the two parts open.


                                    Yesterday I edited the drawing of the parts, saved many times during this, then worked on the assembly drawing.....saved many times again. Did my normal Ctrl Q and Crl S, saved and closed each open file, then closed SW....my normal go home ritual.


                                    Did my back up to the flash drive as I do every night......went home.


                                    Opened up the same files this morning and "finished" (so I thought) the drawings to send out to the vendor for quote. Only to find out that the notes I changed last night did not save.........


                                    Ready for the kicker.......opened the flash drives back up of the same file.........it was correct. But the files on the work computer reverted back to the original notes on the drawing.


                                    Figure that one out!!!!!!

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                                        Alin Vargatu

                                        Chris, do you have any dismissed messages that would prevent saving?

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                                          Jerry Steiger



                                          Did you save the files to the backup immediately after saving them in SolidWorks? In that case, perhaps SolidWorks was still in the process of shutting down. It would make a certain amount of sense that SolidWorks could reach out and overwrite the saved files in the process of shutting down, although I have no idea why it would do so. Otherwise, it makes on sense at all! Solid Works in mysterious ways.


                                          Jerry S.

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                                              Chris Challinor

                                              Yes, within a minute of saving them.....and I did think of "did I work on the flash drive files".....but no, I do not plug it in until I do the back ups....today I plugged it in as I knew I edited the note and wanted to see what the back-up file had.


                                              I searched for duplicate files on the work computer, only ones I have are the SW backups in their folder (Backup of XXXXXXXX). The Flash Drive Backups are done with SyncBack Pro (third party back up software) and maintain the exact folder structure and file names as the ones in the hard drive.


                                              So it becomes a bigger mystery, how can a file be backed up with the changed note, but revert back to the previous version on the drive the back up came from.


                                              I do leave my computer "on" during the work week, but find it hard to believe an "old file" could hang around in "memory" or "limbo" overnight, is it possible SW never really shut down or opened with a file preloaded.....


                                              Possible, I opened a Rev D, file saved as Rev E......did the edits, saved.....yada yada. and the file pointers where looking in the wrong area?


                                              Just going to have to pay closer attention and try to duplicate this issue again, I want to know what happened!!!!

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                                                  Jerry Brian

                                                  Paul the exact same thing happend to me, about 2 years ago. Exactly the same.

                                                  I have a new tower and SW 2012 and it is VERY stable.


                                                  I had to close SW to know it was really saved.

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                                                      Chris Challinor

                                                      Reopened the same files today, the same notes reverted back to the old (in the hard drive) and the file in the flash drive is correct.


                                                      So I just deleted the notes (BTW, these two notes are the same exact note, one was a copy past added to another view), then manually typed each one in I did my normal go home procedure. Waited an hour and reopened the files, now they seem fine.


                                                      During the close I also closed al other open programs (Firefox and Outlook), out look popped a message......"the amount of data / file in clipboard is large, do you want to save or delete the files".......ah ha!!!!


                                                      Maybe the interface between SW and MS Office is the issue???? Sharing file information.....just a guess.