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Top Down Modelling + Layout Sketches

Question asked by 1-MNZK9R on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2010 by Patrick Girvin


I have had a few problems with top down modelling and layout sketches.

I use the top down modelling with layout sketches to allow the parametric capabilities of SW to come into play.

The client and the boss always like to adjust dimensions within the model.


So my approach has been to draw layout sketches on the front, top and right planes. And then add more layout sketches as required if the model gets complex.


From there I then build the parts within the assembly by converting entities from the layout sketches.

Therefore the dimensions/references in the layout sketches drive the parts.


My problem begins when we quickly want to see how the parts interact together. EG: Would like to see if a door opens correctly of the hinge point and determine if it collides with the wall.



As the parts are driven by the layout sketches once moved they have problems as the reference data from the sketches is now not there. And the model goes rebuild crazy.


Does anyone know how to turn off references from layout sketches temporarily to allow moving the parts around with mates?

IE all I wish to do is move the part see how it interacts with another. Will it collide.etc.


Currently what i do is quickly build a new assemly with all the parts mated how i wish together. This second assembly file is then linked to orignal assembly so once changes are made they are updated to all the parts in both assemblies.


Surely there is a solution where i can do it all in one assembly file.? And once turned off temporily the parts either go back to there orignal position and i can make ammendments in the layout sketches and the parts will rebuild effectively.

Thank You for your time