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    SW 2010 Sheet format/size dialog question

    Michael Webster

      I've done some searching on the forums, perhaps not enough have been playing with 2010 to have ran across this:


      When I go to create a new drawing (either blank or make drawing from xxx,) I get my normal dialog to choose a template, then the next dialog to pick a sheet format/size, it now defaults to "Custom sheet size."  I then have to select "Standard sheet size" then uncheck a box "Only show standard formats" to show my custom sheets that I normally use.


      Once I've done this once in a session, it keeps, but I frequently close and restart SW, as I do all our programming on this PC as well.  It's a bit aggravating, I was wondering if there was either a way to have it default to allow non-standard sheet formats, or update my sheets so they are considered "standard"


      I'm wondering now, do I need to re-save them in SW 2010 for this to work properly?  I still have 2009 installed since I wasn't sure how reliable the RC would be for 2010 (seems good though) - I haven't ever had to do this before (2008 to 09), so it didn't really cross my mind.