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SW 2010 Sheet format/size dialog question

Question asked by Michael Webster on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2010 by Steve Baumann

I've done some searching on the forums, perhaps not enough have been playing with 2010 to have ran across this:


When I go to create a new drawing (either blank or make drawing from xxx,) I get my normal dialog to choose a template, then the next dialog to pick a sheet format/size, it now defaults to "Custom sheet size."  I then have to select "Standard sheet size" then uncheck a box "Only show standard formats" to show my custom sheets that I normally use.


Once I've done this once in a session, it keeps, but I frequently close and restart SW, as I do all our programming on this PC as well.  It's a bit aggravating, I was wondering if there was either a way to have it default to allow non-standard sheet formats, or update my sheets so they are considered "standard"


I'm wondering now, do I need to re-save them in SW 2010 for this to work properly?  I still have 2009 installed since I wasn't sure how reliable the RC would be for 2010 (seems good though) - I haven't ever had to do this before (2008 to 09), so it didn't really cross my mind.