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Spurious warnings about model changes

Question asked by Emilio Graff on Oct 12, 2009

I'm using SW 2009 SP 4.1. It seems that no matter what I do, I get warnings that my studies may be out of date because either the "model has changed" or the "material properties have changed".


I've found that it's essentially impossible to avoid the "model has changed" warnins if you have external relations. It seems that Solidworks is using something very rudimentary to decide if changes have been made.


At first I was getting "material has changed" warnings on studies immediately after running them---that is, if I switched to another tab and came back, there would be a warning. I was able to solve this by replacing the material manually within the simulation parameters (instead of linking it to the model material). Now it seems even with all the materials replaced (and I have double and triple checked) I still get this warning with certain models.


Anyone encounter this before? Am I going to have to keep my own notes on the state of my simulations, too?