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    Further Advice on surfacing torch body...

    Grahame Line

      Hello - Ladies & Gentlemen,


      I am hoping somebody can advise me on improving a 3D surface model which I have attempted for the first time.

      Have only started to use surfacing recently - started this model a month ago and have managed to get to this point (have been doing other things in the mean time!) - but seem to have stumbled into a brick wall and get many little errors which are preventing me from finalising model.


      I believe there is probably a quicker and easier way of doing this - but I am only starting out.

      Was lucky enough to get some feedback of Matt Lombard on my previous discussion - which has got me to this point - but I am struggling to get my head around the fine tuning.


      Also having real problems with issues such as seeing through the material when looking from the inside,out - but not from the outside in (hope that makes sense?).  I am also trying to mount a part into the handle of the model (front 23.5mm Diameter) but with a simple extrude model edge is shooting into angled points ? ?  it looks like the material thickness is non existant after I have previously shelled the model?  Any help would be greatfully recieved....

      Have also attached drawing which shows weird section views etc..


      As before if anyone can give me pointers on how to improve or simplify the model ? then this would help me out no end.


      I am using Solidworks Professional 2009 SP4.0 - have attached model & drawing.





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          Robert Stupplebeen

          I don't have time to fix this model, however, I believe that your issues can be traced back to this surface (solid?).  When you perform "Shell1" a 0 thickness surface is created (highlighted in image).  I would work to fix this before continuing.  By the way very nice first surface model.  I hope this helps.


          Rob Stupplebeen

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              Grahame Line

              Hello Robert,


              Many Thanks for your comments - apologies for the delay in replying - work gets in the way!!


              I did as you suggested and the model is better - thank you.....still unsure on a surfacing generally - but with perserverence and reading of the Matt Lombard complex surfacing book - I will see the light eventually.


              If you have any further hints or tips, or can direct me to websites that have tutorials etc this would be most gratefully received.


              This request goes out to all of the solidworks community........if they can advise what they believe are useful hints/tips on surfacing I would be most grateful.


              Sadly the funds of the company I work for do not support courses or further education as advised by the Solidworks Reseller - continually tells me to go on courses etc!!


              Thanks again Robert



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                  Robert Stupplebeen

                  I have developed my skills by:

                  1. Doing it

                  2. Reading Matt's book

                  3. Asking in the forums or from coleagues

                  4. Trying to solve problems in forums or coleagues

                  5. Check out other's solutions

                  There are some good web pages too in no particular order:




                  I hope this helps.


                  Rob Stupplebeen

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                    Matt Lombard



                    The reseller surfacing courses may not help you much more than the book. The big difference is that the SW course does not talk much about limitations. I don't think you can learn how to use software without learning about its limitations. Knowing what it doesn't do is as important as knowing what it does.


                    On the other hand, some people learn better with step-by-step tutorials and some learn better by understanding how the tools work. The classes are step-by-step, and my book is more about the tools, with several examples. The quality of the class will depend mostly on the experience of the instructor. The class book is good, and can be used mostly without the instructor, but they won't sell it to you that way. If the instructor doesn't have much insight, the class will be like someone reading a text book to you. Surfacing is something it seems not everyone gets right away. Just because someone knows SolidWorks sheet metal inside and out doesn't make them a good surfacing instructor.


                    In the end, the book covers a lot more material than the class, mainly because the class tries to teach you stuff with step-by-step instructions, where I teach mainly concepts with examples. I think when you're done with the book, you have a better general understanding and are more prepared to try to do something on your own. When you are done with the class, you only have a better idea of how to model the parts you modeled in class.


                    Anyway, best of luck to you.

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                        Roland Schwarz
                        A man's got to know his limitations.

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                          Grahame Line



                          Cheers for the advice.


                          I am currently going through your book - Solidworks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modelling Bible - so will definately give you feedback.


                          The class book is good, and can be used mostly without the instructor, but they won't sell it to you that way.


                          Have asked for the class books before and have been told that these can only be given when completing the class? Is this purely a money making reason ? So annoying because I feel sometimes that I would prefer to work through book instead of feeling under pressure to take in information on a one day course etc


                          With regard your comments - have to say that the support for the Solidworks I have had in the past, has sometimes been disappointing and the reseller has been quick to offer courses or services (which have to be paid for) - after trying to briefly answer or advise me on problems.... I wonder whether this has been found by other Solidworks users, with a support package included by resellers?


                          Anyway I am heading in a tangent - thus would just like to thank you for your help and comments .... its good to know that we have a Solidworks community which is willing to advise - without wanting payment for services rendered....!


                          Many Thanks,



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                          Chris Dolejska
                          You second posted model has only 4 open surfaces in "check entity" so you must have improved something.
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                        Dave Veness

                        I can see that one of the surfaces is defined as a different Appearance than the rest of the part. This may be part of the "looking in" looking out" thing. Use the rightmost tab on the left side menu (Render Manager Tab) and select Appearances. Make sure it is just one type of material (e.g. Clear Polycarbonate).


                        I can also see that when you extrude some of your solids, you're not checking the "Merge result" box, but instead you use the Combine function which is just extra work.


                        I would have created it as a solid block, added the Fillets near the end, and then Shelled the part. Then cut the part in half and save it as a multi-body right and left part. Then do the internal detailing on the individual Right and Left part files. There's a Tutorial demo in SolidWorks that shows this (Molded Product Design - Advanced).

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                          Chris Dolejska

                          Try this.


                          on the "Evaluate" toolbar click on "Check"


                          it shows your first model to have 6 open surfaces and one general fault which looks like a radius problem


                          after you do the check click on the problem in the check box and it will highlight it in the model.