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Buying new PDWE licenses

Question asked by 1-7JYGPT on Oct 11, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by 1-7JYGPT

I have some questions about buying some new licenses for PDMWE. Now we have 13 2008 CAD (Enterprise) licenses and we want to buy 1 CAD, 3 Contributor and 5 Viewer licenses. All of them 2008. I spoke with our VAR and he told me that we can not buy those new licenses without subscription service. Just for those new licenses. I said OK. After 2 days my VAR said that SolidWorks don't want to process my command and they said that we must pay subscription service for all the licenses. I must mention that there are some SW representatives also in Italy in all that chain of VAR’s. We are in Romania.

My question is why I can not buy new licenses, on the same version, without subscription service.

I am wondering if those conditions are imposed by Solidworks or by that chain of VAR’s.

If some one know what is the real policy of Solidworks in that matter please help me.

Also if is any way to comunicate directly with some guys from Solidworks.