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Remote mass performance issues

Question asked by Emilio Graff on Oct 9, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2009 by Emilio Graff

So I am trying to analyze an assembly that hangs from a couple of brackets. I don't care about the assembly, only the brackets, so the logical thing to do is to make the assembly a remote mass on the brackets. I want to do a remote mass instead of a force/moment because I want to be able to quickly change the direction and magnitude of the acceleration (gravity) force.


However, I've run into a couple of issues. First, since Simulation breaks down assemblies into bodies, I have to go one by one and set them to a remote mass. Second, there must be a bug, because as I add remote masses, it gets progressively slower to add the next one, to the point where it takes several seconds to "highlight" the edge/face that the mouse is over during the selection screen. It got unbereable so I closed solidworks and as I write this the process is still running---had to kill it manually.


Now I've restarted Solidworks and loaded the file. It's unbereably slow (picked up right where it left off) in adding a new remote mass.


Clearly this is a bug. So how do I efficiently add a remote mass comprised of various components?