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Need Help still with solar car roll cage(attached file)

Question asked by alex helton on Oct 9, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by Kenneth Barrentine
Im back again with more questions.  I have a limited time along with a limited knowledge.  Deepak has helped me out greatly and I thank him for that, but I still have questions.  Can I make the back roll bar 1 single piece?  I used the spline but it didnt allow me to weld the bar into the angle iron.  What are my options?  I would prefer to have a single bend.   I am looking for 1 inch piping and 1 inch angle iron with a thickness of .125.  Do I have the right materials selected?  Thanks for the help.  Once I get through this easy cage, I am going to take some classes.  I love the program its just that I am very new to it.