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Over defined Limit Mate

Question asked by 1-54UDNP on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by Don Vanzile

I've been browsing this forum and haven't found the answer to my question yet.  I have a piston assembly where it will be used commonly used throughout our company.  I'm using a limit mate to define the travel distance.  This part of it works fine.  When I insert it into another assembly file I'll make it flexible.  At this point I'll insert the tool i'm working on.  This tool will be "threaded" on to the outer cylinder of the piston AND to the piston shaft itself.  the tool is also made flexible so the piston is free to move.  here's where the problem over defines limit mate.  If I suppress the mate then its fine but i guess my thought behind the limit mate is if the distance traveled is within the limit mate why should it be over defining (kinda negates the purpose of using limit mates in a subassembly.  FYI...I have the mates structured to have all the part front planes and center axis mated coincident. I'm only using the part to part mate to locate it in it's proper location.   Is my thinking wrong on limit mates...that it can be used this way?