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Press metal into a soft material

Question asked by 1-G7MW6R on Oct 10, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2009 by Robert Stupplebeen



I have a simple model consisting a (0.1mm thick, 2mm wide and 10mm long) metal in contact with a (0.3mm thick, 10mm wide and 10mm long) soft material such as silicone. After applying 14psi pressure on metal at high temperature, it should penetrate into the silicone. The silicone is modeled as a mooney rivlin material. The boundary condition is fixed back surface of silicone.`Unfortunately, it does not work.



I guess one problem is how to define the material properties of silicone. It is more like a viscosic fluid rather than solid. However, I don't know how to model this using SW Simulation Premium. Any help is greatly appreciated.